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This site offers an introduction to a way of understanding the dynamics, repeating patterns and hidden resources in life, in intimate relationships and at work.

Many of the challenges and opportunities that we face as human beings – in our lives, our intimate relationships and work – emerge as a result of the complex web of connections into the relationship systems in which we have belonged and played a part. These long threads, many of which are just out of our conscious awareness, create hidden loyalties and dynamics that can resource or entangle and limit us. We feel the effects of the dynamics, but may not know where they come from or how to influence, access or change them.

When we can illuminate the source of hidden patterns and dynamics we can find fresh paths to clarity, strength and lasting resolution.

Life, love and work can flow.

This site offers opportunities to explore the hidden architecture of the relationship systems in which you have belonged. The articles explore ways system dynamics impact life, intimate relationships and the world of work and are offered as a stimulus for your own reflections, your personal and professional journey.

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