Constellation Workshops

Quarterly workshops facilitated by John Whittington in London, UK


Clarify decisions and dilemmas
Access your resources
Clarify and align with your purpose
Connect with your origins
Illuminate your hidden loyalties
Disentangle from your past
Connect with your essence
Find your place as an adoptee
Integrate a death in the family


Clarify family dynamics
Sibling rapprochement
Reconnect with your children
Restore balance in your relationship
The dynamics of infidelity
Respectful separation
Develop respectful intimacy
Resolve a past relationship
Prepare for a new partnership


Align for change
Illuminate a client relationship
Improve a colleague relationship
Develop organisational health
Support successful mergers
Uncover the roots of conflict
Clarify the real hierarchy
Dissolve personal and organisational inertia
Join or leave well

The next workshop:
Friday May 26th, 2017

diaryartboard-37600x-80Topic:   Money and Abundance
Explore your relationship with abundance and the flow of money. John will facilitate exercises and constellations in different forms to illuminate and clarify our relationship to this complex multilayered subject. The workshop will explore how we can come into better relationship with money, how we can keep and use it in ways that resource us. Places limited to 16.

+ Please click HERE to explore further or to book a place on this workshop +

Later this year:
Friday September 29th, 2017

diaryartboard-37600x-80Topic:   Life, Love, Leadership
This open-subject workshop will offer opportunities to enjoy the many benefits of this profound yet practical methodology. You will be able to explore several key themes and bring any issue, challenge or question from your life, your intimate relationships or your work. John will facilitate to support clarity and flow through constellations and systemic exercises on a wide variety of topics brought by the participants.
+ Booking opens on July 1st 2017
Places limited to 16.

Thursday November 30th, 2017

diaryartboard-37600x-80Topic:   Endings and Leavings 
If you are preparing for an ending or need to settle a feeling of incompletion around an ending – in a personal, social or professional/career context – this workshop will offer you opportunities to clarify, align and separate. Come and explore the most effective ways to leave a relationship of any kind with compassion, respect and true separation.
+ Booking opens on July 1st 2017
Places limited to 16.

The 2018 schedule will be announced in September 2017
Further open and themed workshops will be added through the year and you can suggest themes or topics at any time.
To register an interest or suggest a topic, please email

For opportunities to train in systemic coaching and constellations with John and his team please visit the Coaching Constellations website.
To commission a private, bespoke workshop for a business or other organisational system please visit the Business Constellations website.

“These workshops provide insights that cannot be accessed through conventional, rational thinking.”

Dave L

“John’s quiet insight and wisdom are inspiring”

Lindsay W

“Sensitive, safe and very respectful. A powerful learning experience.”

Nadine H

“John is a masterful, agile facilitator who teases the invisible parts of the system respectfully back into the light.”

Philippe T

“John’s facilitation is masterful yet humble and creates accessible, practical benefits for the client.”

Gayl L

Constellation workshops with John Whittington

John began training in personal, professional and organisational constellations in 2004, whilst also training as a personal and executive  coach. He later launched Coaching Constellations in order to share the stance, principles and practices of systemic coaching with other coaches. This was followed by the creation of the Life Love Leadership workshops which he facilitates using constellations as the primary methodology. The workshops, held in a confidential small group environment, are designed to respectfully illuminate, clarify and resolve challenges, dilemmas and decisions: in life, in personal relationships and in working life. The workshops are open to those with an interest whether new to constellations or already familiar with this remarkable methodology.

At each workshop John offers structured exercises and full constellations and always responds to the needs of the participants to ensure everyone present gets greater clarity and inner realignment in their relationship with each topic.

The workshop programme is built around key themes from life, family and intimate relationships, careers, work and professional challenges. Some workshops are ‘open-subject’ to which you can bring any kind of issue or challenge from life, from your personal and family relationships and/or your working life. Others are themed around specific topics.

Each workshop will offer several different ways to explore issues and questions through constellations and systemic exercises. Click on the links above for more information on each.