Constellation Workshops

Regular workshops facilitated by John Whittington in London, UK
“I’m very grateful for the way John facilitates and shares with such humility and compassion – creating a climate of loving kindness.”

Séverine B

“I always leave John’s workshops with a deepening sense of connection to myself.”

Sandra H

“John’s style is reassuring, measured and you feel very safe. He is a master at keeping ‘compassionate distance’”

Amanda B


Note: All one-day workshops are £155 per person 

Friday March 29th, 2019


On the day the UK was due to leave the EU this workshop explores the complex and sometimes challenging dynamics and emotions that emerge around endings. If you are preparing for or recovering from an ending, or need to resolve a question or a feeling of incompletion, resentment or grief, then this workshop will offer you opportunities to clarify, align and separate. Whether you are exploring ‘BREXIT’, an intimate relationship or a professional ending this day will support you get clarity and fresh direction. Learn how to process the ending of a relationship of any kind with compassion and respect so you achieve true separation.

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“John’s style is reassuring, measured and you feel very safe with him. He is a master at keeping ‘compassionate distance’.”
Amanda B

Friday June 21st, 2019


If you struggle to be in relationship with your father, you judge him, never met him or experienced him as absent or overwhelming, then this workshop may give you an opportunity to come into inner contact with him in a new way. This can be important if you would like to change your relationship with success in life and work, with money or with leadership authority. Our inner relationship with our father is also key when considering dynamics in a couple relationship. It will also be important if you are a father struggling to be in relationship with your children. These and other issues can be explored and illuminated in this workshop.

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I’ve visited many practitioners of constellations across Europe. John is oustanding – I enjoy his gentle approach as well as his humor and the safety that that creates.”  

Zuzana K

Friday September 20th, 2019

diaryartboard-37600x-80Topic: CHANGE YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH MONEY

This popular workshop offers several different ways to explore our relationship with abundance and the flow of money. John facilitates exercises and constellations in different forms to illuminate and clarify our relationship to this complex, often challenging subject. The workshop explores how we can come into better relationship with one of life’s great taboos and how a different relationship with money can emerge in which life, work and money flow with more ease.

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“I’m very grateful to have been able to look at the beliefs around money in my family system in such a respectful way.”
Brian P

Friday November 22nd, 2019


Your inner relationship with your mother is the building block of life at a biological, psychological and systemic level. Life begins with mother and much else flows from that. If you find yourself carrying the burdens of your mother and feel entangled by that, this can lead to difficulties with finding your own happiness as an individual, as a professional and in couple relationships. If you struggle with issues around food, mental or physical vitality, or if you find it challenging to be the mother you wish to be, then it may be connected to your relationship with your mother. You are welcome to participate in this workshop if you’d like to understand, illuminate or clarify the relationship with your mother.

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“I always leave John’s workshops with a deepening sense of connection to myself and others.”
Sandra H

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2020 workshops yet to be confirmed but currently planned as:
Friday February 21st: Relationship with Money
Saturday March 28th: Relationship with Food
 Saturday June 27th: Relationship with Parents
Friday and Saturday October 2nd & 3rd: The Flow of Life and Love (2 days)
Saturday November 28th: Relationship with Endings

For opportunities to train in systemic coaching and constellations with John and his team please visit the Coaching Constellations website.

The history of these workshops


These workshops began in 2017 when, after several years of offering training and facilitating open-subject workshops John felt the time was right to offer workshops on specific themes, themes which he had noticed recurring in his client work and his teaching within Coaching Constellations.

The workshops completed so far are as follows:

February 15th & 16th 2019: ‘Love’ An amazing workshop which shined fresh light into my life in such a way that I can now see beyond the stories and into the underlying entanglements.” Sophie A 

November 30th 2018: ‘Endings‘ “A pivotal, transformative day. A deep-dive in which I felt safe, respected and released.” Christopher S
September 28th 2018: ‘Sleep‘ “A phenomenal workshop that offered so much more than it promised.” Nicola R
June 22nd 2018: ‘Money“I very much appreciate this way of facilitating the work as it resonates very deeply.” Maria R
February 23rd 2018: ‘Love’ “I got more in one day than I have in years.” Tara N

November 30th 2017: ‘Endings’ “A profound workshop that supported everyone to explore their relationship with endings.” Rachel D
November 2nd 2017: ‘Money’  “I found the exercise about my relationship to abundance incredibly useful.” John S
September 29th 2017: Open “John’s style is reassuring, measured and you feel very safe with him. He is a master at keeping the ‘compassionate distance’.” Amanda B
May 26th 2017: ‘Money’ “This was an excellent workshop and a very worthwhile investment of my time – and my money!” Charlotte H
January 31st 2017: Open A great introduction to the benefits of constellations.” Elaine G

“I got more insight in one day than I have in years.”

Tara N

“These workshops provide insights that cannot be accessed through conventional, rational thinking.”

Dave L

“John’s quiet insight and wisdom are inspiring”

Lindsay W

John is an excellent facilitator whose easy style belies the deep work that is going on underneath.

Charlotte H

“An ability to speak to what emerges from the field with the ease and familiarity of practical mastery.”

John S

“John is a masterful, agile facilitator who teases the invisible parts of the system respectfully back into the light.”

Philippe T

“John’s facilitation is masterful yet humble and creates accessible, practical benefits for the client.”

Gayl L

Constellation workshops with John Whittington

John began training in family, professional and organisational constellations in 2004, whilst also training as a personal and executive coach. He facilitated family and personal issues constellations in public workshops for five years (2006 – 2011) to deepen and develop his understanding and experience of system dynamics. Meanwhile, in 2009, he launched the Coaching Constellations trainings in order to share the stance, principles and practices of systemic coaching with others. As a result of the level of interest he wrote a book on the subject, published in 2012 and again, in updated and expanded 2nd Edition, in 2016.

All this led naturally to the creation of these Life Love Leadership workshops which he facilitates using constellations as the primary methodology. The workshops, held in a confidential small group environment, are designed to respectfully illuminate, clarify and resolve challenges, dilemmas and decisions: in life, in personal relationships and in working life. The workshops are open to those with interest whether new to constellations or already familiar with this remarkable methodology. At each workshop John offers structured exercises and group constellations and always responds to the needs of the participants in the moment to ensure everyone gets greater clarity and inner realignment in their relationship with each topic.